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Stephaine Crosley

Who is Steph Crosley?

From the outside looking in, Steph Crosley is a selfless woman who loves the advancement of people. She loves to see individuals (or people) excel and be great. She  never second guesses an opportunity to assist and help when she can. Steph Crosley is fair, loving, caring, a teamplayer, honest, educated, multifaceted, educated, emotionally inclined, and is someone who sees the glass as half-full and always seeks the lesson in every situation. Steph Crosley is human.

Like many people, Steph Crosley is a person who has overcome life’s tough challenges and barriers. Instead of allowing those challenges and barriers  to define her, she has used them to write her story and create her own narrative. As a result of her upbringing, there are a few things that Steph works hard to achieve every waking day that makes up her passion: making sure those around her feel loved and protected; that those who follow her know the true meaning of self-worth and feeling worthy; and that people are kind.

Steph Crosley graduated from Rufus King International Baccalaureate High School for the College Bound where she excelled on the basketball court, which essentially opened so many doors for her. Steph earned a Division I Basketball Scholarship to Cleveland State University where she earned her Bachelor Degrees in Social Work and Communications. Steph then went on to obtain her Masters Degree in Education.

Steph is the founder of Real Talk, LLC, an author of two self-development books, a motivational speaker and a life catalyst who prides herself on making sure people are better than they were before they encountered her.

Steph believes the glass is always half-full and that there is good in all people. through her discussions and workshops, she works to achieve just that: to bring the good out of all people. Steph is determined to break generational curses and to leave a legacy that is worth living for.

She is me. I am her.


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Steph Crosley has a true passion for teamwork and understands the value of working with others to bring forth maximum results.


Young Enterprising Society (YES)




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