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Black Dollar. White Dollar. Brown Dollar. Green Dollar

Black Dollar. White Dollar.  Brown Dollar. Green Dollar


It’s that time again where we run to spend more money than what we have in our savings account, more than our rent and more than our required expenses.

Yes you guessed it: IT’S BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND !!!!!!

Which means, most people are planning to rack up on all the things that have been on sale all year. Why??? Why you, because it’s black Friday … duh! No really, duh. It’s all a mind game. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that we’re getting deals when it’s all marketing strategy.

We save up money for this particular day or we work really hard and overtime during the two weeks leading up to “pay day” that’s right before “black Friday,” just to give it all back. Black Friday tends to bring out all of the most impatient people so God forbid they wait too long or show up too late in an overcrowded store, we’ve seen it way too often when an unruly customer isn’t satisfied during black Friday…

You probably think I dislike black Friday… and I probably do.

I have to admit, it’s the financial component of black Friday that irks me the most. During this time, you see a lot of singles parents and people who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds (of course these aren’t the only people shopping during black Friday, but these are the people I am choose to focus on) overextend themselves to shop the “deals.” Although they believe they are doing what’s best for their situation.. they(we) tend to overspend without taking into consideration the check before only lasted 3 days because we’re living paycheck to paycheck. We tend to overspend without thinking about the rent being due next week. We tend to overspend without thinking ahead.

& no it’s not just black Friday, Black Friday just happens to be around the corner… it’s really just a cycle.. one that we have to break.

Cycle: A series of events that happen repeatedly in the same order.

Most of us watched our parents, or those that raised us live paycheck to paycheck who watched their parents live paycheck to paycheck so living paycheck to paycheck is normal … well it’s not!!.. When we are able to break this cycle and become better with our money we’ll create better opportunities for ourselves and those coming after us. Better opportunities to shop on days that aren’t black Friday and still have money in our savings and money in our checking to pay the deal (what’s crazy is so many people don’t understand the difference between a checking and a saving account … and no you saving is not there for you to transfer money when your checking account runs out!!)


No I don’t like black Friday, but I hate being limited more. If you are going Black Friday shopping here’s a few tips:

  • Create a budget and stick to it
  • Make a list of things you plan to get (only get those things!! Be mindful there will be a bunch of bright signs that yell SALE… keep moving)
  • Be patient. Be humble
  • Don’t take all of your money.


Have a Happy Holiday.

-Steph Crosley

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