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Dating is defined as a stage of romantic or sexual relationships in humans whereby two or more people meet socially, possibly as friends or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in a more committed intimate relationship or marriage. 

We live in a generation that isn’t really into “quality time” and truly getting to know a person. Instead, we live in a generation that is more into the “image” of another person or the “image” that they think the two can create together. Nowadays, it appears to be more important to have something to talk about and post on social media. From a glimpse of an expensive meal, car or gifts… (because we very rarely ever get a picture of both people together on the date) because those pictures are almost guaranteed to be one of a person’s “Most Liked” pictures, that’s what it’s all about nowadays, creating an image of a lifestyle that many fantasize about. That image has trickled heavily into our dating lives, where people aim to impress their peers with money and other material possessions, instead of who they are.

I personally have two issues with impressing people with money especially on a date because:

  1. That is something you have to stay consistent with. If that is the tone you set in the beginning, you must maintain it (if you choose to continue the situationship/relationship). The problem with that is most people cannot maintain it (because it was a false “image”), which creates so many problems later down the line: “Remember you used to do this for me..” & now you’re broke or barely making it and the “little things” just aren’t going to cut it, because the expectations are way higher and are driven by money and material.
  2. How genuine is the love? The connection? One must ask him/herself, does this person really like me or does he/she like the things I can do for him/her? Good luck, because you are more than likely going to attract a bunch of leechers who want a picture to post and an image to create, but hey if that’s your goal… go right ahead 🙂

People no longer see the value in investing the time, with no motives. Very few people really care to really get to know you. They want to impress you to either 1. Gain monetarily . 2. Gain the drawers (I mean eventually yeah, but) 3. Gain clout.. and that is unfortunate because there really are amazing people out here who are waiting to be swept off of their feet by just the simple gestures.

Is it possible to impress a person by simply being you? Or do you really have to spend $200 on a date? You spend time going on these expensive dates and while you’re out you are a totally different person that even you yourself can recognize  You find yourself talking differently, laughing differently, your mannerism  change… who are you? really?? I mean this lifestyle may impress some, but how long will it keep them?

…. how long will it keep you?

Research the person you are thinking of dating or going on a date with. Find out the things they find interesting and plan the date around that. I strongly believe dating is a privilege because it is something you aren’t doing with everyone. If 20 people asked you on a date and you said yes to all 20, what are you sacrificing? In addition to your time, energy, space… possibly, time with your child, time working on your goals (unless the goal is to find a husband/wife), time with work/school/etc. Because 20 dates is A LOT! Not too many people are going on 20 dates with 20 different people. Instead we’re being selective.. and because we’re being selective … if you’re selected or if we’re selected; it’s a privilege.

Maybe $200 dates are your thing.. just make sure  it’s quality. When you’re granted a privilege, take advantage of it. Know your audience (your date), know what is going to impress them. Sometimes having a lunch at the park or going to get ice cream and walking along the lake is just enough.


Give me a quality date and the real you.. that’s priceless.

4 thoughts on “Cheap Date

  1. I totally agree Steph, and I look forward to your post. I remember on your snap you said people we’re questioning the whole “a date is a privilege” but it truly is! Just because someone asks for a date does not mean they are granted one, they are sacred, just as the temple. Not on the same level of course but being able to go on a date with me (or any woman of that matter) should be considered a privilege not a guarantee. And yes people really need to start attracting people being themselves and stop using alternate items to make themselves out to be what they THINK someone wants or what the crowd favorite is at the time.

  2. Quality Time Is Important… I Care More About The Time Than How Much You Are Looking To Spend. A Good Drink a& Dope Conversation Is Always Nice. & Also Just Because It’s A Cheap Date Doesn’t Mean Its Going To Be Boring. Nexflix & Chill Can Be Dope Too Because Their Was Some Type Of Effort Put Behind That…

  3. Excellent blog. Even as a married woman, my husband and I have date nights because we spending time, phones down etc. but that doesn’t mean that every Thursday we are spending $200. We may stay home eat and chill, go walk or whatever. If we didn’t set aside the time and sacrifice some other things we really wouldn’t know each other like we do now. Dates are important in all relationships and in every step of the relationship.

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