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Forever doesn’t last always

Forever doesn’t last always.

When we were younger we met people who we knew we would be with forever, not realizing that forever comes a lot sooner than we think. Then we grow up and realize forever really doesn’t last too long. We have our share of relationships and situationships leaving a piece of ourselves behind while gaining a brick, slowly building that brick wall that Donald Trump only talks about. The only difference is we aren’t keeping immigrants out, we are trying to keep out anyone who can hurt us or help us. YES: WE BLOCK OUT PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP US.  Due to past experiences or other life’s circumstances, over time we become hardened on the inside. We may love, love… but only from afar. We may love people, but again, only from afar. Anyone who has the potential to help us also has the potential to hurt us, especially when that help doesn’t look like the help we envisioned, so we keep our distance.

We push everyone away.

Remember the beginning of your last relationship when everything started off perfect, yet forever came a year or so later (sometimes earlier) and maybe it left you hurt or with something missing … like your feelings. Now this time someone comes and they are making you happy, but you can only remember the last time things started this way so you fight it.

Fight it so much that you eventually push the person away because you’re inconsistent, or you’re too busy, or you refuse to only focus on them, or you simply just don’t put forth a full effort..

Or.. you find a flaw in everything they do, not because they are bad people because we are all flawed, but because you do not want to give them the power so you gain the power in seeing them “weak”… the power to create another short forever for you..

What sucks about it all is, the aftermath ends with you wishing things were different had you just been able to recognize the true passion that person had for you, yet you couldn’t get out of your own way  so now really.. it’s you.

It’s you creating your short-lived forevers.

You cannot be afraid in love. If you want it, you’re going to have to work for it. You’re going to have to sacrifice for it, you’re going to have to recognize it and embrace it. What will be, will be unless you derail it.

Love can be scary. Dealing with people nowadays on a level deeper than friendship can be scary, but think about how much you can gain when you’re doing it with the right person.

Always remember, forever can last, just have to unpack your baggage and remove your guards when someone is willing to unpack and rebuild with you.

1 thought on “Forever doesn’t last always

  1. Dominique says:

    “Wishing things were different and you could of seen the passion they had for u to realize in the end it was really YOU” that line designated with me on a very deep level… I have often thought of this to myself never really talking about it with anyone… am I the problem… could it be me… of course your answer is always NAW it can’t be in this and I’m that. I did this this and did that… but in reality it was/IS….

    I need to do some soul searching

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