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He’s Still in Love with Her, Suh

Some of us have been in situations in which we are forced to move on, meaning: the person we want to be with usually doesn’t want to be with us OR due to circumstance, we can’t be with them.. that’s life, eh?

So then we move on.

Still moving, really just going in circles because we’re hoping they change their mind and realize they love us too.

In the course of us making our circle, we meet people along the way in hopes that they can cure us of our “in loveness” from our ex

We’re rarely upfront with them about our intentions because hell, we don’t even know our intentions & we don’t want to run them off just in case they may just be the cure.

We interact with them, we string them along, go on dates, laugh with them, get to know their friends, maybe even become intimate, but we do not get too close, emotionally. We give them just enough to where there’s a little hope, I mean we even have a little hope, but emotionally our heart just isn’t in it.

But the question lingers, “why don’t (insert your ex name here) want us, is it fixable?” As long as that question lingers or anything close to it, we don’t allow ourselves to fall.

Everyone around knows we’re still in love; although we verbally deny it, the signs are still there unintentionally.



He’s comparing you to her

He speaks highly of her, you feel the emotion when he speaks

Everything he loves about her is the complete opposite of you


And vice versa of course ☺️

Leave him alone suh, he’s still in love and it isn’t with you.

You can’t love anyone out of loving someone else remember that.

Maybe they will live happily ever after, maybe they won’t only time will tell. But remember, time waits for no one so don’t waste yours.

Don’t be upset with him or angry at her, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.


1 thought on “He’s Still in Love with Her, Suh

  1. Tears, truth… still have some healing and growing to do? Need to stop asking questions and just love me more and more

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