I have always believed in others. I believe that all people are full of the potential needed to live the lives they want to live, doing the things that they want to do, and that they are meant to do. My philosophy is that when people are doing what they want to do, and living out their true purpose, they are happy. When people are happy with their lives and themselves, they are capable of building stronger relationships with others that results in stronger families, stronger communities and ultimately a better world.

As a Life Catalyst, my purpose is to work right alongside people through their journey of discovery to move forward. My coaching process will address specific personal projects, personal or professional voids, a loss of any kind, business success, general conditions and transitions in one’s personal life, relationships and/or profession by examining one’s current state, discovering and identifying obstacles or challenges, and choosing a course of action to make my clients life what they envision it to be through an intentional lens of self-love and awareness.

Keeping my core values of honesty, transparency, respect, optimism and communication at the forefront, I seek to create an alliance between myself and my clients where I am continually giving power back to YOU. The answers to every question or challenge that you face in your life are right inside of you, even if they are concealed or hidden. My approach is to work alongside you, asking the exact questions that are needed combined with experienced tools and techniques to lead you to the discovery of your answers within yourself to connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life.

You are the only expert of your life, allow me to assist you in discovering what your own personal “best” might be!

With Love,

Steph Crosley, Life Catalyst

Real Results

I am the spark you need. Don't believe me, just watch.