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Emptiness doesn’t last long, but you feel it so then you try to fill it.

A lot of us, people, choose to ignore our emptiness. Instead we fill it with temporary satisfactions. Sometimes temporary last a week, a month, a year, maybe even a couple of years and fills the void partially. Some will fill a void with drugs, alcohol, work, unhealthy eating, random strangers or settle for less in a partner just for a temporary high.

The downside is, you fill this void so much with temporary satisfactions that you become numb… are you really happy or are you just maintaining?

You can have the best person standing by your side, doing right by you, but are unable to appreciate them. You can go into a store and buy everything you’ve ever wanted, but when you return home with your bags, you can’t really enjoy them. You can be the best at what you do and even smile outwardly and still feel empty inside.



Why do we run from our problems and pretend they do not exist only adding more characters to our problem?

Why are we less truthful with ourselves to pretend to be more for those who aren’t even concerned with whether or not we ate, if we are in good health, have somewhere to sleep or if are bills are paid?

Why do we settle?

Filling the emptiness. Trying to fill an emptiness with external forces that only we can fill because only we can feel the emptiness.

It’s one thing to get on social media and upload pics with popular song lyric captions, but the reality is, how do you feel when you close the apps and go to sleep at night.


Confess.Be honest with yourself. Do you have an emptiness that you filling?

Is it love for her/him or are you just filling a void?

Is it love for shopping or are you just filling a void?

Is it love for what you wake up and do everyday or are you just filling a void?

Is it love for you constantly eating unhealthy or are you just filling a void?

Is it love for sex or are you just filling a void?

Is it your love for going out and partying every night or are you just filling a void?

Where does it stem from? .. stop running. You owe it to yourself to escape the self imprisonment you’ve created. Take back your control.  

We have more control than we give ourselves credit for.


Eliminate distractions. Distractions come dressed in everything we think we need, be cautious.

Mental. Energy. Channel it.

Find things that truly put you at peace and doesn’t drain you when it’s done. Find things and people that you don’t have to pretend like and don’t stay with people or in places when it no longer serves a purpose.. Temporary satisfactions.

Be honest.

Don’t leave this world empty.

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