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Wait for Him to Call?

Wait for Him to Call you


… Stop waiting by the phone and PICK IT UP and call him sis!! Phones work two-ways no matter how many times social media/society tells you it’s the man’s role IF he’s interested. Well hell, you have feelings too so if you’re interested, don’t feel bad about reaching out. For starters, you never know what someone else has on their plate.


I know social media has brainwashed us all and has embedded the term “thirsty” so deeply into us that articulating how you feel or what you want is a thing of the past, not because it doesn’t exist, but we’re afraid for it to exist. The way I see it is, we all have to quench our thirst every once in a while.. Or maybe not, Dry mouth.


Seriously though, I do not believe this situation constitutes “being thirsty” or being “unladylike.” especially if it’s after you two may have hung out or you’ve already been engaging in conversation, it is totally okay to reach out to them first once in a while.


We have to get out of the habit of putting so much pressure on one party when it takes to people to dialogue, unless.. Never mind.


“If he/she thinks about me, they’ll call” yet, the whole time you are thinking about them and still haven’t picked up the phone.  


Maybe it is the fear of rejection, knowing that there’s a possibility that they may be entertaining someone else or maybe just maybe, they may not be interested in you… but you’ll never know. Put that pride to the side and go get your man/woman or be turned down, but it will only make you stronger for the next time :).


**Disclaimer: Wait, let me backtrack, now if you are always texting or calling a person and they aren’t not responding or very short every time they respond back, hang it up.. The phone and make room for someone more deserving lol 🙂


If the person crosses your mind, hit them up.

If you want to go on a second date, ask them.

If you enjoyed their company, tell them.


A closed mouth doesn’t get fed and a call that is never made will never get answered.

3 thoughts on “Wait for Him to Call?

  1. All Star says:

    Love it🤞🏾🤞🏾 I Def go by this it’s not just on the man it’s a Two way street 50/50 Yes I take out the grabage, yes I pump my own gas Etc that’s not just a man job.

  2. “If he/she thinks about me, they’ll call” yet, the whole time you are thinking about them and still haven’t picked up the phone.“

    – Favorite Part

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