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What is Real Talk

Real Talk was established in 2015 and continues to be the foundation for all of Steph Crosley’s endeavors.

Real Talk, LLC is a platform that encourages healthy and honest dialogue between members of the community around a variety of much needed topics. There are several aspects of Real Talk which are: workshops, panel discussions and talk show that focus on face to face interaction.

Real Talk’s vision is to create a better understanding of life, love and togetherness with all people through inspiration, face to face communication and hands-on activities.

Real Talk’s goal is to challenge people to go beyond what they’ve grown to know and expand their understanding around differences. We believe that everyone has something to offer and teach each other as the gateway to understanding is through active communication.

Real Talk’s core values are: Integrity, Respect, Open-mindedness, Trust, Continuous Learning and Passion.

Please see below of past Real Talk topics:

  • Real Talk: From a Male’s Perspective
  • Real Talk: From a Woman’s Perspective
  • Real Talk: Battle of the Sexes
  • Real Talk: From an LGBTQ Perspective
  • Real Talk: Milwaukee has Talent
  • Real Talk: Financial Literacy
  • Real Talk: Black Men Need Love Too
  • Real Talk: Together we stand
  • Real Talk: Parenting
  • Real Talk: Underneath the Filter
  • Real Talk: Let’s Talk About Sex
  • Real Talk: Once Upon a Time – storytelling