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Steph Crosley - WIth Love

With Love

With Love provides the path to reflect and renew—to examine your truths and to get in touch with you.  It is a quick and easy read, yet it is also unforgettable, and the value of its exercises is immeasurable.

Author Stephaine Crosley is truly a woman of purpose who consistently practices what she preaches in her self-love sermons, so it’s safe to say that there is something for everybody—man or woman—just beyond these pages.

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Naked with Confidence encourages readers to take a deeper look into the things they can control to put themselves in a better position to live their best lives. As people we experience so many different things and emotions that we are constantly wrapping ourselves in layers whether it is to fit in or hide. But if we begin to strip away these layers until we are naked- we give ourselves a shot at learning ourselves and being happy.

Strip for me.

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